Nelly Frenoux
v o i x      t h é â t r e   m u s i c a l   j e u n e   p u b l i c   
Bogue (Chestnut Husks) from the seed to the flower, from the grown-up to the bird.
A musical for young audiences from 2 years of age

Bogue gives young children the experience of a musical performance in which the sense of touch, games of hide-and-seek, transformation and voice create emotions. The garden theme gives the opportunity to play with three main ideas: the vegetable garden as a place of germination; the garden of words as the locus of language; and finally, the garden of sounds, where herbs develop a multiplicity of sounds. The educator therefore cultivates her stage garden, singing and fluttering around the young buds sitting in the audience. The bogues, fruits of the tree of sounds, are offered to the children during the performance as a transitional object between the performance itself and its spectators. Playing the bogues, sound bags producing a variety of sounds, produces reciprocal musical attention. The quiet of the garden meets the wandering of the soul. The gardener of feathers and shells becomes a free bird “singing from night till dawn”.

Production La Voix du Hérisson Équipe de création Nelly Frenoux : composition, interprétation, instrumentarium, mise en scène, Pierre Garbolino : scénographie, instrumentarium, lumière, vidéographie, Valérie Haurillon Capriglione : costume et tissus.
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