The company La Voix du Hérisson has been active in Grenoble for 22 years and produces the musical theatre performances for young audiences written by Nelly Frenoux. 
The artistic intention is to create a unique connection between voice, sound objects and gestures, in a multi-sensoriality that focuses on the body, gestures, listening, touching, and seeing, as well as on colours; all this constitutes a series of inputs directed to young children via a magical, tender exchange. The stories told in these productions pay special attention to the immutable cycles of life, the universe, and the universal: the earth, the sea, birth, the beginnings. In these four performances, reality, imagination, and symbols give rise to sound poetry inhabited by music and movement. Language, word play and onomatopoeia resonate throughout and suggest a double reading of the stories, thus expanding the intended audience to include grown-ups, too.  
The company’s repertoire is currently made up of four productions that have toured widely in cultural centres, national theatres, schools, and festivals, both in France and abroad – in Lebanon, Senegal, Turkey, Algeria and Brazil.  
La Voix du Hérisson’s identity has developed thanks to a constant dialogue between art and pedagogy.  
In conjunction with its productions, the company also organises workshops and conferences for adults, as well as for childhood and stage professionals. 
In addition, the documentaries directed by Pierre Garbolino show the work carried out by La Voix du Hérisson in the teaching of Introduction to Music and are always included in the workshops and conferences.  
Courses for Adults  
Introduction to Music and multi-sensoriality: voice, musical gestures, sound objects. Participants will learn a repertoire of nursery rhymes, lullabies, finger plays, and songs with gestures.  
Vocal technique and Improvisation 
Children and Make-up 
Plastic Art 
Courses for Children