Nelly Frenoux
v o i x      t h é â t r e   m u s i c a l   j e u n e   p u b l i c   
Pêcheurs de sons (Fishers of Dreams), portside, starboard side, in the stern, in the bow
A musical for young audiences from 3 years of age

The children take a seat on a floating mat and there, right next to them, the singer/musician tells the famous story of the Captain’s Shirt. The captain then wears her shirt and loudly puts together the hull of her boat. Small and large hammers give rhythm to the departure at sea, a metaphor for the young apprentice sailor at the beginning of his life journey. The mooring ropes have been unfastened, the sail is billowing; the sea first rocks the boat, then rumbles and roars. A storm comes raging, frothing, blasting, bursting, and bubbling. From the bottom of the ocean, the young spectators swim back to the sound of the waves and of the laughing seagulls, while a small parrot and a big cockatoo soar up in the sky.

Coproduction Théâtre de la Renaissance / La Voix du Hérisson Avec le soutien de DRAC Rhône-Alpes / Ville de Grenoble / Conseil Général de l’Isère / DDMD Délégation départementale à la Musique et à la Danse Équipe de création Nelly Frenoux : composition, interprétation, instrumentarium, mise en scène, Pierre Garbolino : scénographie, lumière, vidéographie, Valérie Haurillon Capriglione : costumes et tissus, Frédérique Soria : machinerie et lumière.

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