Nelly Frenoux
v o i x      t h é â t r e   m u s i c a l   j e u n e   p u b l i c   

In 2008 La Voix du Hérisson set up a partnership in Brazil with La Casa da Arte, based in Garca Torta / Macéio / Alagoas / Brazil. Established and directed by Edna Constant, La Casa da Arte is one of the first arts and culture centres in the Nordeste region. The purpose of the artistic collaboration was to co-produce a performance in which not only the French and Brazilian cultures blend together, but also the two languages, French and Portuguese, are integrated in the narrative. In July 2009 Nelly Frenoux and Pierre Garbolino conducted a 14-day workshop called “Huts, Music, and Plastic Arts” for a group of about 20 children and teenagers from Garça Torta. The workshop entailed sessions on voice and musical instruments as well as sessions in which the participants exchanged songs and legends from the French and Brazilian repertoires; in the plastic arts sessions, the children built small-scale “musical huts” with objects and materials collected from the environment around them. November 2010 Nelly Frenoux’s solo version of “Cabanes” is performed at the Grand Angle Theatre in Voiron / Isère, France. January 2011 second residency of the company La Voix du Hérisson in Maceio. The musical “Cabanes” is performed in Brazil integrating on stage La Casa da Arte’s young musicians, “Os grilhos da Garça”, aged 17 to 21. “Cabanes” is thus presented in two cities of the Alagoas Nordeste region, Garça Torta and Palmeira dos Indios. August 2012 “Cabanes” is performed in Brazil with the participation of 5 musicians from France and Brazil: Antonio Oiticica, electric guitar; Francisco Oiticica, translations and percussion; Tom Leenhardt, percussion; Wagner Neves Diniz Chaves, transverse flute; Justine Lamonerie, technician.
The performances took place at the Theo Brandao Museum in Maceio, in Porto Calvo, and along the Sao Francisco river on board the “Museo do Balanço das Aguas / Coleçao Karandash” boat. The boat stopped at the towns of Pao de Azucar and Ilha do Ferro, where the show was performed. The journalist Jorge Barbosa organised the performance in Porto Calvo.

Production La Voix du Hérisson Avec le soutien de Région Rhône-Alpes Fiacre International Equipe Nelly Frenoux, Pierre Garbolino, Francisco Oïticica Filho et avec la participation d'équipes brésiliennes.