Nelly Frenoux
v o i x    t h é â t r e   m u s i c a l  j e u n e   p u b l i c   
Her interests focus on contemporary music and on the voice in all its possible permutations.  
Her work takes the following directions :

Composer, writer, and performer of musical performances for young audiences. Her work explores the connections between voice, body, movement, and sound objects. Her performances are influenced by contemporary music and have known a wide dissemination in France and abroad. She has toured France, Lebanon, Senegal, Turkey, Algeria, and Brazil.  
Her performances have been sponsored by the Conseil Général Isère, by the City of Grenoble, by DRAC Rhône-Alpes, and have been co-produced by the Théâtre Nouvelle Génération CDN Lyon, the Théâtre de la Renaissance, Oullins, Le Grand Angle, Voiron,  and the Amphithéâtre, Pont de Claix. 
During the time of her residency at the Théâtre de La Renaissance of Oullins, she was commissioned to compose a musical score for 27 children aged 5 by the publisher Mômeludies. The project was granted state funding (a Commande d’Etat) and received the kind support of the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France (DMDTS - Aide à l’ Ecriture). 
The ensuing performance, Moussaillons, received the support of the Fondation de France and was co-produced with the Théâtre de la Renaissance of Oullins. A DVD recounts the yearlong preparation of the performance divided between the school and the Cultural Centre.  
In addition, two documentaries directed by Pierre Garbolino (Goûteurs de sons and Moussaillons) shed light on her artistic and pedagogical work. 
For three years (in 2009, 2011 and 2012), the Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes / Fiacre volet International gave its support to Cabanes, a French-Brazilian production. Nelly Frenoux thus went to Brazil to teach Introduction to Music to children and to play with the young drummers aged 17 to 21 of A Casa da Arte, Os grilhos da Garça. Cabanes toured six cities in Alagoas / Nordeste in 2011 and 2012. Three documentaries directed by Pierre Garbolino tell the story of this artistic cooperation with Brazil. 
The CD La Ballade d’Octave is a story in music for children. 
Second edition: May 2012. 3000 CDs sold to date in facilities for early childhood and libraries. 
Performer for recorded music or for performances such as La Madame au collant rouge, a concert-installation for three opera singers and three sound images created by Etienne Delmas  and Pierre Garbolino. 
With Laurent Bigot, she wrote and performed a duet for voice, saxophone and electroacoustics, Calosome Sycophante, Prince des Carabes, bourreau des chenilles, created for the Festival 38e Rugissants Grenoble. 
CD: Calosome Sycophante, Prince des Carabes, bourreau des chenilles. 
In 2012 she wrote and performed the role of La Dame Blanche in Rousseau des Champs with the Cie Délices Dada, commissioned by the Conseil Régional Rhône-Alpes for the celebrations in honour of Rousseau (Année Rousseau 2012). 
Nelly has been a member of the vocal group Les jeux de la tribu for the past eight years and has toured in France, Brazil, and Italy. 
CD: Cantata Atipica.  
Voice improvisation with Michel Thion, poet and author of the book Traité du Silence, and with Laurent Bigot, author of the book Le lieu d’être.  Theatre residencies at the GMEA Groupe de Musique Électro-acoustique of Albi and at the Théâtre Athénor of Saint Nazaire. 
Early childhood educator: kindergarten head teacher for ten years.