Nelly Frenoux
v o i x      t h é â t r e   m u s i c a l   j e u n e   p u b l i c   
Cabanes (Huts) carriages, shacks, and sheep-pens, a small world hides beneath
A French-Brazilian musical for young audiences from 3 years of age

Setting: the darkness of an empty theatre, with only some pieces of wood and cardboard scattered around, an undefined space. “She” enters, talks and sings. “He” projects light. She transforms herself. From the undefined setting emerge images in the shape of huts, words in the shape of music, short stories from here, legendary heroes from there. Goats, a witch, a parrot, Princess Yémanja join the circle. “Ciranda cirandinha, vamos todos cirandar…”.

Just like the time of childhood and the time of dreams, huts come into existence in the same way as life itself; they are precarious, poetical, and essential. This performance has been created in artistic conjunction with “A Casa da Arte”, an arts and culture centre under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture of Brazil.

Coproduction Grand Angle Scène Rhône-Alpes Voiron / La Voix du Hérisson Avec le soutien de Région Rhône-Alpes FIACRE international  / CDDRA Alpes Sud Isère  /  Conseil Général de l’Isère Équipe de création Nelly Frenoux : composition, interprétation et mise en scène, Pierre Garbolino : scénographie, lumière, vidéographie, Carol Perron et Béatrice Mailloux : costumes et tissus.
Technical specifications : the show is adaptable to fit your needs. Contact us we will always find a way to accomodate your requirements.  
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